Ecovadis Gold Rating

We are proud to announce that Gehring-Montgomery received the EcoVadis “Gold Rating 2019” for products supplied to Michelin.

Gehring-Montgomery - EcoVadis Gold Rating

Gehring-Montgomery received the “Gold Rating 2019” for products supplied to Michelin from the well-known, renowned international evaluation organization EcoVadis to represent the highest distinction for sustainability and responsible behavior in the framework of humans, environment and ethics.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a subject of increasing importance and identifies the aim of an enterprise to harmonize economic, social and ecological activities in one equilibrium. CSR is more than a moral or ethical question. CSR determins about longterm business success as it provides balance among those activities, assumes responsibility for the entire supply chain, raises reputation, reduces risks and lays the founding stone for the implementation of innovations to obtain or retain a lasting competitive advantage

We are proud of our subsidiary enterprise Gehring-Montgomery and congratulate our US colleagues involved to have recognized their essential contribution for sustainability in an exemplary way and to have implemented it.