Service Areas

Gehring-Montgomery’s private fleet of trucks delivers products within 200 miles of our Warminster, Pa. facility. However, GMI ships throughout North America. Our Public warehouses are strategically placed in Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, and Los Angeles, CA.  Our next day delivery assists our customers to control their inventory stock costs.



Gehring-Montgomery is situated on 20 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA.  Our 50,000 square feet of warehouse storage is individually equipped for fine and specialty chemical products for your requirements. The entire facility is temperature-controlled and tightly operated under ISO-9001 standards.

Food additives are handled and stored in separate rooms within the building. We are proud to consistently receive a “superior” rating in our annual audits by the American Institute of Baking and ISO-9001 for proper food storage and handling procedures.  Our recent insurance audit and ISO-9001 audit demonstrated our commitment to compliance and surfaced best in class run loss records in the industry.

Our technology, equipment and personnel remain excellent. Pallet racking is available with numbered positioning for tracking of every stock item for our customers. Products are handled with 3,000 lb. wire-guided turret trucks throughout the plant.  GMI invested millions in a safe working environment for our employees and the products our customers require.

We have over 400 products repackaged into a variety of steel or poly containers including portable tanks, 55-gallon drums, 15-gallon carboys or 5-gallon pails. Dry products are offered in super sacks or bags.



Gehring-Montgomery moves over 24 million pounds of product per year through the warehouse to meet our customers’ needs. Recently, we've implemented new enterprise distribution software for real-time inventory tracking, truck tracking and supply chain initiatives that are essential in chemical distribution.

With our own fleet of trucks and trailers, the latest technology, and drivers who are hazmat-endorsed, we consistently provide prompt and accurate delivery with the ability to produce KPI’s (Key Point Indicators) for our management and clients.  Our on-time delivery continues to be the envy of our competition.  Uniformed drivers with the goal of exceeding delivery expectations have become the model at Gehring Montgomery.

We also have interchange agreements with shipping companies operating out of both New York and Philadelphia ports, permitting transportation of our own containers, including both 20' and 40' by 20 metric ton, via our adjustable container chassis. This equipment and capability minimizes ocean freight and container transportation costs. In addition GMI has invested in a new fleet to mitigate any downtime in transporting our products to customers.


Contract Packaging

Our high standards of quality and reliability are the reason many companies choose to outsource their packaging to Gehring-Montgomery. We are dedicated to turning your packaging requests around quickly and accurately, supporting your quality standards. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • ISO-9001, Star-K Kosher, AIB and RSPO and other critical certification
  • Private labeling
  • Multiple types of packaging – Drums, Bags, Pails, and Samples
  • Private Pallet size adjustments to fit customer requirements
  • Best in Class Packaging to mitigate run loss damage during routing
  • State of the Art White Room for USP products


Work Force

Each of our sales representatives have extensive knowledge of the Gehring-Montgomery products you are looking for and our administrative team does all of the legwork for you, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience with your order. A dedicated warehouse staff competently utilizes our 50,000 square-foot facility to ensure prompt assembly of your order for delivery by our hazmat-endorsed drivers.  Our drivers’ average tenure with the company is over 10 years.

The management team has an average of 20 plus years in Chemical Distribution.  Our recent company survey rated GMI as No. 1 (or in the top 3) in Customer Service among all distributors.