Foldable screens or an elevator into space? Graphene is regarded as the major innovation driver in product development. We added the product to our portfolio and would now like to present the opportunities, features and visions.

Different and very special:

Graphene is a pure carbon product. Unlike graphite, the atoms are not arranged three-dimensionally but two-dimensionally and thus consist of a single atomic layer of carbon. The carbon atoms, connected to form a honeycomb pattern, create an ultra-thin layer and offer far-reaching application perspectives. Graphene itself consists of individual carbon layers of graphite. This super material was discovered in 2004 by physicists Geim and Novoselov. Since then, new applications have been researched and visions developed.

What makes it unique?

Graphene is neither a metal nor a semiconductor. It is a semi-metal with a very low electron density. The hexagonal lattice structure protects the charge carriers in the 2D electron system against backscattering and thus enables them to move freely. Graphene also has excellent mechanical properties due to the high stability of the carbon bonds, making it the thinnest known material. Properties such as extreme resistance and very high conductivity in combination with liquid and gas impermeability make graphene interesting in countless fields of industry.

Characteristics of Graphene


200x stronger than steel – more rugged than diamonds 


Thermally 5x higher than diamond – Electrically 10x higher than copper 

Other characteristics:

Flame retardant, anti-UV, anti-corrosive,

gas and liquid impermeability,

high flexibility, 97% transparent, biocompatible

Looking back at the number of innovations of the last century, one becomes aware of the pace at which technology has progressed. Things like smartphones, PCs or the internet are now indispensable. Instead of walking into a bank branch, we simply use our smartphones to make bank transfers today while traveling on a train, our weekly shop is handled conveniently from the couch using a tablet PC. And although we know today that almost everything is possible in our age, we are still at the same point, and still underestimate the future.

Due to the rapid increase in publications, further areas of application can be expected in the near future. In view of the multitude of opportunities that still seem to be hidden, or have not yet been implemented, commercial exploitation of graphene is still in its infancy. Currently, graphene is already used in touchscreens, transistors, computer cells or DNA sequencing. But this technology will take one further step that seems unbelievable at the moment. Due to the huge potential of graphene, innovations such as foldable screens or an elevator into space seem to be within reach.

TER Chemicals' Vision is that of being your "Chemical Distributor of Choice." To move one step closer to this, we are keeping pace with technology and can already offer you graphene, the super material.