« Rubber »

Rubber is everywhere. As a professional, you already know this: Even high-end tires are just the beginning. Without rubber, there would be high-performance seals, no engine bearings, no sealed hoses. Rubber takes on important power transmission tasks – for example, in the form of belts –, in the quick and effective conveyance of raw materials and goods, in shock absorption and floor coverings. Without rubber, there wouldn't be any marathon records, high-priced pharmaceuticals could not reach the patient, cars would look different – and definitely would not be as chic and fast as they are today.

However, rubber is changing. The demands on elastomeric materials are constantly growing. Increasing operating temperatures - such as under the hood - demand new compounds and formulations. As well as new types of fuel and oil additives. Furthermore, regulatory requirements and technical demands on the purity and VOC characteristics of technical rubber articles are becoming increasingly stringent – not just in the food and medical sectors. And in times of shrinking margins, when every unforeseen machine downtime disrupts the cost calculation, even inconspicuous rubber components with a higher life span can help save money.

It's a good thing if an experienced partner can help you keep up with growing demands: TER Chemicals does not only store natural and synthetic rubbers in a consistently high quality that can meet the challenges of a highly developed technology, but also keeps on hand an extraordinarily broad palette of additives, carbon blacks and resins that elevate rubber articles to the next level – and on top of that, make it easier to produce them economically.

But above all, TER Chemicals offers: Know-how and application technical expertise developed over decades with good judgment and foresight, which you can call on to find the smart solution to your specific challenges.

TER Chemicals puts you in the pole position – and helps you stay ahead. With our suppliers' best products. For your best ideas.