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Welcome to our diverse range of products – as diverse as our customers! For we know this from experience: "The Industry" is as non-existent as "The Average Customer". The industry: It consists of countless companies, each of them as individual as the people who work or trade there. But we all have one thing in common: We want to take advantage of our opportunities! Convincing and retaining customers in Germany, Europe, and around the world, always offering newer and better products – and of course: Develop efficiency potentials so as to keep playing in the big leagues despite the ubiquitous cost pressure.

One of the most important prerequisites: a strong, experienced partner who can provide the best, selected raw materials at an excellent price-performance ratio and recognized high delivery reliability. And who understands the requirements in your markets – in Germany and worldwide. TER Chemicals has been meeting these demands for decades: Our extensive portfolio includes products for the manufacture of composites, as well as for the leather and textile industry, for the paper and for the metal processing industry. Another strong foothold are separating agents, e.g. for injection molding.

Another example for the competencies that you will find under the TER Chemicals umbrella: pre-cut fiber glass, fiber rovings and mats for the manufacture of light material composites – in demand by the automotive industry as well as for boat and vehicle construction. In other words, wherever products have to be lightweight, affordable, and yet stable. We therefore, in close collaboration with strong partners, deliver precisely those products that must absorb enormous forces in the workpieces. Products to be relied on!

But this is only one example of many. Among other things, we offer binders, emulsifiers, surfactants, waxes of all kinds – including mixes and dispersions – oils silicones, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, sulfonates, phosphorus esters, defoamers, kaolins and resins. And thus we help our customers take advantage of opportunities in promising markets - for example in leather fashion, wall coverings, aroma seal packs, die-cast metal, piston lubricants. Certainly also in your industry. Just ask us!